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macrocephalus, Gobio gobio Mori [T.] 1930:46 [8] [Journal of the Chosen Natural History Society No. 11; ref. 16505] Kai-nei, Korea. Holotype: not researched. Additional specimens: (7). On p. 8 of separate. •Synonym of Gobio gobio (Linnaeus 1758), but a valid subspecies as described -- (Lu et al. 1977:498 [ref. 2850], Zhu 1995:78 [ref. 25213]). •Valid as Gobio macrocephalus Mori 1930 -- (Yue in Chen et al. 1998:293 [ref. 23878], Kottelat 2006:87 [ref. 28831], Parin et al. 2014:78 [ref. 33547], Mousavi-Sabet et al. 2016:78 [ref. 34453], Zhang et al. 2016:72 [ref. 34477]). Current status: Valid as Gobio macrocephalus Mori 1930. Gobionidae. Distribution: Russia, China and Korea. Habitat: freshwater, brackish.

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