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eigenmanni, Pimelodus van der Stigchel [J. W. R.] 1946:64 [The South American Nematognathi; ref. 13094] Brazil. Holotype: RMNH 15465. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:340 [ref. 29155]. Based on one specimen and literature sources. Preoccupied by Pimelodus eigenmanni Boulenger 1891. See Mees 1986:314 [ref. 5693]. But Lundberg & Parisi 2002:76 [ref. 26381] point out that the two species were never simultaneously considered congeners so they retain both species as available [but 23.9.5 also requires a petition to the Commission]. •Valid as Pimelodus eigenmanni van der Stigchel 1946 -- (Lundberg & Parisi 2002:77 [ref. 26381]). •Valid as Propimelodus eigenmanni (van der Stigchel 1946) -- (Lundberg & Littmann in Reis et al. 2003:441 [ref. 27061], Parci et al. 2006:67 [ref. 28772], Rocha et al. 2007:279 [ref. 29281], Ferraris 2007:340 [ref. 29155]). 1┬░Homonym. Current status: Valid as Propimelodus eigenmanni (van der Stigchel 1946). Pimelodidae. Distribution: Amazon, Approuague, Kourou and Oyapock River basins: Brazil and French Guiana. Habitat: freshwater.

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