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concolor, Allips McCosker [J. E.] 1972:117, Figs. 4-5 [Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences (Series 4) v. 39 (no. 10); ref. 2932] Mouth of Pakehan River, north of Ban Parknam Ranong, 10°57'42"N, 98°35'18"E, Goh Phi, Ranong Province, Thailand, depth 0-3 meters. (Kottelat changed the locality to Myanmar, Ko Phi Island, 9°57'42"N, 98°35'18"E) Holotype (unique): CAS 13967. •Valid as Allips concolor McCosker 1972 -- (McCosker 1977:70 [ref. 6836], Smith & McCosker 1999:1668 [ref. 24715], McCosker et al. 2006:265 [ref. 29006], Larson et al. 2013:26 [ref. 32988], Kottelat 2013:43 [ref. 32989], Ho et al. 2018:201 [ref. 36046], Ho et al. 2018:13 [ref. 36050], Mohapatra et al. 2019:313 [ref. 36478], Mohanty et al. 2020:277 [ref. 37910]). Current status: Valid as Allips concolor McCosker 1972. Ophichthidae: Ophichthinae. Distribution: Eastern Indian Ocean, western Pacific: east coast of India east to northern South China Sea, north to Taiwan, south to northern Australia. Habitat: brackish.

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