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transversefasciatus, Chaenogobius Wu [H.-L.] & Zhou [Z.] 1990:144, 147, Figs. 1-2 [Journal of Fisheries of China v. 14 (no. 2); ref. 16138] Cangnan Shuitou (Ao-jiang River), Zhejiang Province, China. Holotype: Freshw. Fish. Inst. Zhejiang SFC 916. Paratypes: BLIH 1984387 (1); Lab. Fish. Shanghai Fish. Univ. and Freshw. Fish. Inst. Zhejiang: nos. SFC 915, SFC 917-919, SFC 920. Originally as transverse fasciatus, but as a species so words must be combined. •Synonym of Gymnogobius petschiliensis (Rendahl 1924) -- (Stevenson 2002:297 [ref. 26489]). •Valid as Gymnogobius transversefasciatus (Wu & Zhou 1990) -- (Zhao et al. 2007:454 [ref. 29515], Zhang et al. 2016:200 [ref. 34477]). Current status: Valid as Gymnogobius transversefasciatus (Wu & Zhou 1990). Gobiidae: Gobionellinae. Distribution: Zhejiang Province, China. Habitat: freshwater.

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