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cariba, Serrasalmo Humboldt [F. H. A. von] in Humboldt & Valenciennes 1821:216, [173], Pl. 47 (fig. 1) [Voyage de Humboldt et Bonpland v. 2 (Title page 1833); ref. 5612] Apuré and Orinoco rivers, South America. No types known. Name available from plate and caption on p. 216. Description is on p. 173, as "Serrasalmo albus, dorso..."; if albus is regarded as an available name, Fink serves as first reviser selecting cariba (see Fink 1993:669 [ref. 20937]). •Synonym of Pygocentrus notatus (Lütken 1875) -- (Fuller et al. 1999:189 [ref. 25838]). •More likely a species of Serrasalmus -- (Nico 2001:139 [ref. 25828]). •Valid as Pygocentrus cariba (Humboldt 1821) -- (Fink 1993:680 [ref. 20937], Machado-Allison et al. 2000:64 [ref. 26045], Machado-Allison 2002:58 [ref. 27640], Jégu in Reis et al. 2003:189 [ref. 27061] with authors as Humboldt & Valenciennes, DoNascimiento et al. 2017:37 [ref. 35633] with authors as Humboldt & Valenciennes, Urbano-Bonilla et al. 2018:84 [ref. 35773], Cortés Hernández et al. 2023:456 [ref. 40760]). Current status: Valid as Pygocentrus cariba (Humboldt 1821). Serrasalmidae: Serrasalminae. Distribution: South America: Apuré and Orinoco rivers (Colombia and Venezuela). Habitat: freshwater.

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