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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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robusta, Siniperca Yu [T.], Kwang & Ni in Yu & Zhou 1986:220, Fig. 124 [The freshwater and estuarine fishes of Hainan Island; ref. 20146] Dujiang system, Qiongzhong County, Hainan Island, China. Holotype (unique): ECSFI 65-4339 [or 4349]. Authorship as above in figure caption is correct; order of authors on p. 221 hand corrected on reprint to above. Holotype catalog number 65-4339 appears as 65-4349 in English abstract. •Valid as Siniperca robusta Yu, Kwang & Ni 1986 -- (Zhou et al. 1988:117 [ref. 23607], Zhang et al. 2016:195 [ref. 34477]). •Synonym of Siniperca vietnamensis Mai 1978 -- (Kottelat 2001:59 [ref. 25482], Kottelat 2013:325 [ref. 32989]). Current status: Synonym of Siniperca vietnamensis Mai 1978. Sinipercidae. Distribution: China (if valid). Habitat: freshwater.

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