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keumkang, Moroco Chyung [M.-K.] (ex Uchida) 1977:184, Pls. 97 (figs. 1-6), 98 (figs. 1-4) [Fishes of Korea, with pictorial key and systematic list; ref. 26571] Korea. No types known. Authorship and earlier appearance of name are still being researched; appeared only as Moroco sp. in Uchida 1939:314 [ref. 22758], Chyung 1954:110 [ref. 26572], and Chyung 1961:200 [ref. 26588], then as Moroco keumkang Uchida in Chyung 1977:184 [ref. 26571] with description and figures (mostly taken from Uchida 1939). See also the account for Phoxinus kumgangensis Kim 1980. •Valid as Phoxinus keumkang (Chyung 1977) -- (Luo in Chen et al. 1998:84 [ref. 23878] as kumkang, Zhang et al. 2016:54 [ref. 34477] as kumkang). •Valid as Rhynchocypris keumkang (Chyung 1977). Current status: Valid as Rhynchocypris keumkang (Chyung 1977). Leuciscidae: Pseudaspininae. Distribution: Han River drainage, Korea and ? China. Habitat: freshwater.

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