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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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gussinensis, Paracottus kessleri Tarkhova [Yu. N.] 1962:108 [Kratkiie soobscenjia Burjatskij Kompleksnogo Naucno-Issledovatel'skogo Instituta, Akademija Nauk SSR, Sibirskoe Otdelenie, Burjatskij Kompleksnyi Nauno-Issledovatel'skij Institut. No. 3; ref. 22756] Gusinor Lake, Lake Baikal Basin, Russia. Lectotype: ZIN 52232. Paralectotypes: ZIN 52233 (1). Lectotype selected by Sideleva 2003:152 [ref. 27815]. •Synonym of Cottus kesslerii Dybowski 1874, but a valid subspecies -- (Sideleva 1982 [ref. 14469], Sideleva 1998:152 [ref. 23595]). •Synonym of Leocottus kesslerii (Dybowski 1874), but a valid subspecies gussinensis (Tarkhova 1962) as described -- (Sideleva 2001:60 [ref. 26181], Sideleva 2003:152 [ref. 27815] with author as Tarkhova). •Synonym of Leiocottus kesslerii (Dybowski 1874) -- (Kottelat 2006:61 [ref. 28831]). Current status: Synonym of Leocottus kesslerii (Dybowski 1874). Cottidae. Habitat: freshwater.