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integrigymnatus, Gymnodiptychus Mo [T.-P.] (ex Huang) in Chu & Chen 1989:319, Figs. 298-299 [The fishes of Yunnan, China. Part 1 Cyprinidae.; ref. 13584] Vicinity of Ruidian Town and Mingguang Town, upper reaches of Longchuanjiang River, Irrawaddy River system, Tenchong County, Yunnan Province, China. Syntypes: KIZ (12). Appeared first in Huang 1981:125 [ref. 23138] without distinguishing features [not seen]. The species was described, named and credited to Huang by Mo in Chu & Chen 1989:319 [ref. 13584] but apparently the description was by Mo. The species is also described as a new species by Huang in Chen & Huang in Chen 1998:231 [ref. 23556] and in a footnote it is stated that this is the first formal description of the species; and Huang cites his 1981 reference and also Mo's account. But the description in 1989 validates the name; so we use Mo as the author. In Huang 1998 the counts differ and types are given (see separate entry). See Yang et al. 2008:67 [ref. 29885] for more details. •Valid as Gymnodiptychus integrigymnatus (dating to Huang 1980) -- (Wu & Wu 1992:434 [ref. 21205], Zhu 1995:92 [ref. 25213], Chen & Chen 2001:147 [ref. 25461], Zhang et al. 2016:118 [ref. 34477]). •Valid as Gymnodiptychus integrigymnatus Mo 1989 -- (Yang et al. 2008:67 [ref. 29855]). Current status: Valid as Gymnodiptychus integrigymnatus Mo 1989. Cyprinidae: Schizopygopsinae. Distribution: Longchuanjiang River, Tenghong County, China. Habitat: freshwater.

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