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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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schypa, Acipenser Gmelin [J. F.] 1789:1484 [Caroli a Linné ... Systema Naturae per regna tria naturae v. 1 (pt 3); ref. 18139] Turkey, Bosphore or Sea of Marmara (Mediterranean Sea). Neotype: NRM 8946. Neotype designated by Kottelat 1997:34 [ref. 22952]. Based in part on Acipenser schypa Güldenstädt 1772:516 [ref. 5066], and on Acipenser kostera of Gmelin 1774:238 [ref. 18140, v. 3]. Objectively invalid; preoccupied by Acipenser schypa Bonnaterre 1788. •Synonym of Huso huso (Linnaeus 1758) -- (Kottelat 1997:34 [ref. 22952], Jouladeh-Roudbar et al. 2020:19 [ref. 37983], Çiçek et al. 2024:31 [ref. 40789]). 1°Homonym. Current status: Synonym of Huso huso (Linnaeus 1758). Acipenseridae. Habitat: freshwater, brackish, marine.

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