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macrositanus, Yunnanilus Li [W.-X.] in Li, Wu, Xu, Gao, Chen, Wu & Wang 1999:4 [English p. 6], Fig. 1 [Sichuan Journal of Zoology v. 18 (no. 1); ref. 23880] Heilongtan, 24°45'42"N, 103°15'29"E, Lunan, Yunnan Province, China. Holotype: HRAS 6502041. Paratypes: HRAS 6502042 (1). Spelled macrositanus, macroistanus and macroistainus; Kottelat 2012:135 [ref. 32367] selected macrositanus. •Valid as Yunnanilus macrositanus Li 1999 -- (Zhu et al. 2009:197 [ref. 30145] as macroistainus, An et al. 2009:6367 [ref. 30709] as macroistainus, Kottelat 2012:135 [ref. 32367], Zhang et al. 2016:149 [ref. 34477] as macroistanus, Du et al. 2018:138 [ref. 36374], Du et al. 2021:328 [ref. 38600]). Current status: Valid as Yunnanilus macrositanus Li 1999. Nemacheilidae. Distribution: East Asia: Yunnan Province (China). Habitat: freshwater.

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