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punctatus, Leptobotia Li [J.], Li [X.-H.] & Chen [X.-L.] 2008:630, Fig. 1 [Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica v. 33 (no. 3); ref. 29976] Qianjiang River in Guiping City, 23°24'N, 110°24'E, Guangxi, China. Holotype: ASIZB [now NZMC] [ex 7XPRFRI 001]. Paratypes: ASIZB [now NZMC] 11620 [7XPRFR1006], Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Science, Guangzhou, China (4). Type catalog: Ye et al. 2015:53 [ref. 33808]. The genus is feminine, so the species should be punctata. •Valid as Leptobotia punctata Li, Li & Chen 2008 -- (Kottelat 2012:17 [ref. 32367], Ye et al. 2015:53 [ref. 33808], Zhang et al. 2016:155 [ref. 34477] as punctatus, Bohlen & Šlechtová 2016:72 [ref. 34953], Bohlen & Šlechtová 2017:99 [ref. 35233]). Current status: Valid as Leptobotia punctata Li, Li & Chen 2008. Botiidae: Leptobotiinae. Distribution: Qianjiang River, Guangxi, China. Habitat: freshwater.

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