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spanisbripes, Yunnanilus An [L.], Liu [B.-S.] & Li [W.-X.] 2009:631 [English p. 637], Fig. 1 [Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica v. 34 (no. 3); ref. 30709] Niulanjiang River, 25°59'N, 103°36'E, Zhanyi County, Yunnan Province, China. Holotype: 9206064. Paratypes: Many at Heilongtan Reservoir Admistration, Fisheries Administration of Qujin, and Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Science. Appeared as Yunnanilus spanisbripes in the Chinese text and as spanitripes in the English summary; Spanitripes assumed to be a lapsus. The name in the Chinese text is regarded as correct. •Valid as Yunnanilus spanisbripes An, Liu & Li 2009 -- (Kottelat 2012:136 [ref. 32367], Zhang et al. 2016:150 [ref. 34477], Du et al. 2018:143 [ref. 36374], Zhang et al. 2019:359 [ref. 36699]). Current status: Valid as Yunnanilus spanisbripes An, Liu & Li 2009. Nemacheilidae. Distribution: Niulanjiang River drainage, upper Yangtze River basin, Yunnan Province, China. Habitat: freshwater.