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gigas, Malthopsis Ho [H.-C.] & Shao [K.-T.] 2010:13, Figs. 2B, 3B, D, 4B, C, 5 [Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science (Ser. A) Supplement No. 4; ref. 30803] Tashi fish market [Daxi], Yilan, northeastern Taiwan, depth 210-340 meters. Holotype: ASIZP 63084. Paratypes: many at AMS, ASIZP, BSKU, CAS, CSIRO, FAKU, FUMT, MNHN, NMNSF, NMNZ, NMV, NSMT, NTM, WAM, ZMUT •Valid as Malthopsis gigas Ho & Shao 2010 -- (Ho & Shao 2010:2 [ref. 31024], Ho 2013:289 [ref. 32898], Fricke et al. 2018:91 [ref. 35805], Psomadakis et al. 2020:334 [ref. 37272], Ho 2020:869 [ref. 38017], Ho & Last 2021:181 [ref. 38143], Ho & Anderson 2022:306 [ref. 39712]). Current status: Valid as Malthopsis gigas Ho & Shao 2010. Ogcocephalidae. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), Somalia and Madagascar east to French Polynesia, north to Japan, south to eastern Australia and New Zealand. Habitat: marine.

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