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bashanensis, Triplophysa Xu [T.-Q.] & Wang [K.-F.] 2009:381 [English 384], Figs. 2-6 [Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica v. 34 (no. 2); ref. 30911] Bashan River, Huangjiabian, Loufand Village, Dahe Town, Xixiang County, 32°35'N, 107°27'E, Shaanxi Province, China, elevation 712 meters. Holotype: SIZ 0608008. Paratypes: (47) ASIZB [now NZMC] 179823 out of SIZ 06080010-07, 0608009, SIZ 6-X-001 - 6-X-039. Type catalog: Ye et al. 2015:68 [ref. 33808]. Appeared as Triplophysa longchiensis in the English summary and as bashanensis in the Chinese text; apparently left in the abstract by mistake -- a lapsus. The name in the Chinese text is regarded as correct. •Valid as Triplophysa bashanensis Xu & Wang 2009 -- (Kottelat 2012:123 [ref. 32367], Ye et al. 2015:68 [ref. 33808], Zhang et al. 2016:136 [ref. 34477], Guo 2021:621 [ref. 38618]). Current status: Valid as Triplophysa bashanensis Xu & Wang 2009. Nemacheilidae. Distribution: Upper Yangtze River basin, China. Habitat: freshwater.

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