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minnanensis, Onychostoma Jang-Liaw [N.-H.] & Chen [I-S.] 2013:64, Figs. 1-3, 4a [Ichthyological Research v. 60 (no. 1); ref. 32417] Yuafeng River near Guangya Mountain, in the Jukong River basin, 24°55'46.99"N, 117°25'15.60"E, Jua-an County, Fujiam Provice, China, elevation 980 meters. Holotype: NMNSF 01970. Paratypes: NMMSF 01970-1 (2), 01969 (3); NTOUP-2009-10-077 (1), 2012-07-731 (3). Plus non-type material. Specific name is an adjective. •Valid as Onychostoma minnanense Jang-Liaw & Chen 2013 -- (Hoang et al. 2015:123 [ref. 33811] as minnanensis, Zhang et al. 2016:93 [ref. 34477] as minnanensis, Song et al. 2018:161 [ref. 35890]). Current status: Valid as Onychostoma minnanense Jang-Liaw & Chen 2013. Cyprinidae: Acrossocheilinae. Distribution: Tributaries of Julong River, Fujian Province, China. Habitat: freshwater.