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russatus, Chaunax Ho [H.-C.], Roberts [C. D.] & Stewart [A. L.] 2013:105, Figs. 11A-B, 12A-B [Zootaxa 3620 (no. 1); ref. 32500] Kaikoura Canyon, 43°0.09'S, 173°53.85'E, New Zealand area, 821-1030 meters. Holotype: NMNZ P.038059. Paratypes: Many at CSIRO, NMNZ, USNM. Plus non-type specimens. •Valid as Chaunax russatus Ho, Roberts & Stewart 2013 -- (Ho & Last 2013:447 [ref. 32892], Duffy & Ahyong 2015:110 [ref. 36167], Ho 2015:895 [ref. 34268], Ho & Ma 2016:191 [ref. 34612], Fricke et al. 2018:89 [ref. 35805]). Current status: Valid as Chaunax russatus Ho, Roberts & Stewart 2013. Chaunacidae. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: South Africa, Mozambique, Australia, Lord Howe Rise, Norfolk Ridge and Kermadec Islands. Habitat: marine.

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