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satoi, Gymnocranius Borsa [P.], Béarez [P.], Paijo [S.] & Chen [W.-J.] 2013:237, Fig. 3 [Comptes Rendus Biologies 336; ref. 33484] Kedonganan (Bali) fish market (from Lombok or West Sumbawa) Lesser Sunda Islands, but localities are questioned. Holotype: MNHH 2011-0103. •Valid as Gymnocranius satoi Borsa, Béarez, Paijo & Chen 2013 -- (Chen et al. 2017:527 [ref. 35766], Mehanna et al. 2022:691 [ref. 39427]). Current status: Valid as Gymnocranius satoi Borsa, Béarez, Paijo & Chen 2013. Lethrinidae: Monotaxinae. Distribution: Western Pacific Ocean: New Caledonia and from Raja Ampat of west Papua, Japan and possible the Great Barrier Reef, Solomon Sea, Bismarck Sea, New Guinea and Lesser Sunda Islands (holotype). Habitat: marine.

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