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Species related to Lutjanus campechanus: [ 4 ] records

campechanus, Mesoprion Poey [F.] 1860:149 [Memorias sobre la historia natural de la Isla de Cuba v. 2; ref. 3499] Campeche, Mexico. Holotype (unique): USNM 25235. Type catalog: Howell Rivero 1938:196 [ref. 22926] with 1 specimen in MCZ 9982 as holotype [incorrect according to Rivas 1966:124 [ref. 23910] who regards the USNM specimen as the holotype.] Spelled campechianus in Poey 1870:317 [ref. 18563]. •Synonym of Lutjanus purpureus (Poey 1866) -- (Gomes et al. 2012:979 [ref. 32654] [but applied no date to campechanus]; still a synonym of campechanus (Poey 1860)). •Valid as Lutjanus campechanus (Poey 1860) -- (Rivas 1966:122 [ref. 23910], Allen 1985:68 [ref. 6843], Robins & Ray 1986:171 [ref. 23100], Potthoff et al. 1988:1 [ref. 11833], Boschung 1992:136 [ref. 23239], Castro-Aguirre et al. 1999:305 [ref. 24550], Schmitter-Soto et al. 2000:161 [ref. 27754], Anderson 2003:1492 [ref. 27091], Nelson et al. 2004:142 [ref. 27807], McEachran & Fechhelm 2005:326 [ref. 28815], Moura & Lindeman 2007:38 [ref. 29018], Page et al. 2013:147 [ref. 32708], Smith-Vaniz & Jelks 2014:51 [ref. 33341], Raz-Guzmán et al. 2018:346 [ref. 36407], Da Silva et al. 2020:2 [ref. 37746], Carvalho-Filho et al. in Marceniuk et al. 2021:581 [ref. 38945], Marval-Rodríguez et al. 2022:10 [ref. 39188]). Current status: Valid as Lutjanus campechanus (Poey 1860). Lutjanidae: Lutjaninae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: east coast of U.S.A., Gulf of Mexico. Sint Eustatius, Caribbean Sea, Guyana south to Bahia (Brazil). Habitat: marine.

blackfordii, Mesoprion Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1878:176 [Proceedings of the United States National Museum v. 1 (no. 24); ref. 18130] Pensacola, Florida, U.S.A. Lectotype: USNM 21330. Paralectotypes: USNM 12515 (1, cast, apparently lost) Washington City market, USNM 20978 (1, cast, apparently lost) Savanna Bank. Description based primarily on USNM 21330 from Pensacola, which was designated lectotype by Eschmeyer 1998:237 [ref. 23416]; counts for 4 more specimens are given on p. 179. •Valid as Lutjanus blackfordi (Goode & Bean 1878) -- (Herrera 1896:53 [ref. 39336]). •Synonym of Lutjanus campechanus (Poey 1860) -- (Rivas 1966:122 [ref. 23910], Allen 1985:68 [ref. 6843], Castro-Aguirre et al. 1999:306 [ref. 24550]). Current status: Synonym of Lutjanus campechanus (Poey 1860). Lutjanidae: Lutjaninae. Habitat: marine.

purpureus, Mesoprion Cuvier [G.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1828:471 [Histoire naturelle des poissons v. 2; ref. 997] Santo Domingo. No types known. This species was mentioned under the account of Mesopiron griseus on p. 471 but with a characterization of four anal spines based on a Plumier drawing; although Cuvier mentioned that Plumier's drawing may be inaccurate. Cuvier's treatment of Mesoprion aya (not of Bloch) on p. 457 of the same work also refers to a specimen with 4 anal spines (evidently the same fish). The mention of purpureus by Cuvier was overlooked by Rivas 1966:126 [ref. 23910] who attributed the species to Poey and indicated incorrectly that the name purpureus did not appear in Cuvier. Poey included Cuvier's Mesoprion aya and Mesoprion purpureus in his purpureus, and also Bodianus aya Bloch and B. ruber Bloch & Schneider. The last two Bloch species were treated as unidentifiable and most likely a sciaenid by Rivas 1966:119-120 [ref. 23910], but given the inaccuracy of drawings of this vintage such assumptions are unwarranted. Also the plate accompanying the original descriptions of Bodianus viranetus Lacep├Ęde 1802 and Sparus tetracanthus Bloch 1791 are evidently redrawn from the same Plumier drawing of the specimen with 4 anal spines. One problem is how best to treat the Mesoprion purpureus in Cuvier on p. 471. The best solution perhaps is to reject aya Bloch and ruber Bloch as unidentifiable and to treat purpureus in Cuvier as a name mentioned in passing and not available (and not a name in synonymy). Careful fixation of species with types also is needed. Perhaps the ICZN should be requested to reject the earlier names and should, in the interest of stability in this commercially important group, establish authorship as Poey 1866 [or perhaps 1875] under the name purpureus. •In the synonymy of Lutjanus campechanus (Poey 1860). Nomen Dubium. Current status: Synonym of Lutjanus campechanus (Poey 1860). Lutjanidae: Lutjaninae.

purpureus, Mesoprion Poey [F.] 1866:267 [Repertorio Fisico-Natural de la Isla de Cuba v. 1; ref. 14057] No types known. See Mesoprion purpureus Cuvier 1828. Appeared above under the account of Mesoprion aya of Cuvier (not of Bloch). Also appeared in Poey 1875:103 [p. 29 of separate] [ref. 3509], but this is not an original description. A Poey specimen is in MCZ 9982 (see Rivas 1966:128 [ref. 23910]). •Valid as Lutjanus purpureus (Poey 1866) -- (Matsuura in Uyeno et al. 1983:245 [ref. 14275], Allen 1985:111 [ref. 6843], Robins & Ray 1986:172 [ref. 23100], Cervigón 1993:141 [ref. 24474], Aguilera 1998:49 [ref. 24221], Keith et al. 2000:114 [ref. 24547], Anderson 2003:1497 [ref. 27091], Nelson et al. 2004:143 [ref. 27807], McEachran & Fechhelm 2005:331 [ref. 28815], Moura & Lindeman 2007:38 [ref. 29018], Da Silva et al. 2020:2 [ref. 37746], Robertson et al. 2020:158 [ref. 38098], Angulo 2021:8 [ref. 38913], Carvalho-Filho et al. in Marceniuk et al. 2021:584 [ref. 38945]). •Synonym of Lutjanus campechanus (Poey 1860) -- (Gomes al. 2012:979 [ref. 32654], Marval-Rodríguez et al. 2022:12 [ref. 39188]). Current status: Synonym of Lutjanus campechanus (Poey 1860). Lutjanidae: Lutjaninae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: Sint Eustatius and Guyana south to Bahia (Brazil), including Caribbean Sea [if valid]. Habitat: marine.

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