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tico, Serranus Allen [G. R.] & Robertson [D. R.] 1998:115, Fig. [Peces del PacĂ­fico Oriental tropical; ref. 31062] Isla del Coco, eastern Pacific. This name was not published in Pacific Science as suggested on the internet and in references. A figure of the species appeared with a common name in Allen & Robertson 1994 (ref. 22193); tico was included in the index, but without a clear connection to the text (hence a nomen nudum). Authorship is given as Meisler & Lavenberg. Apparently appeared first as above (Spanish edition of ref. 22193), but the description was prepared by Allen & Robertson, so they are apparently the authors of the species. No types mentioned; apparently specimens (not types) are at the LACM. •Valid as Serranus tico Allen & Robertson 1998 -- (Carvalho-Filho & Ferreira 2013:812 [ref. 33030], Iwamoto & Wirtz 2018:36 [ref 36189], Sánchez-Jiménez et al. 2018:7 [ref. 36248], Parenti & Randall 2020:128 [ref. 37354]). Current status: Valid as Serranus tico Allen & Robertson 1998. Serranidae. Distribution: Eastern Pacific: Cocos Island (Costa Rica) and Malpelo Island (Colombia). Habitat: marine.

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