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pacificus, Diaphus Parr [A. E.] 1931:34, Fig. 14 [Bulletin of the Bingham Oceanographic Collection Yale University v. 2 (art. 4); ref. 3371] Eastern Pacific coast of Mexico, 16°14'00"N, 99°36'30"W, 3750 feet wire out. Holotype: YPM 2690. Type catalog: Moore & Boardman 1991:21 [ref. 16741], Balushkin & Prirodina 2020:78 [ref. 37828] as lutkeni pacificus. •Valid as Diaphus pacificus Parr 1931 -- (Paxton 1979:9 [ref. 6440], Paxton et al. in Fischer et al. 1995:1320 [ref. 22830], De La Cruz Agüero et al. 1997:232 [ref. 24545], Love et al. 2005:44 [ref. 37547], Mundy 2005:218 [ref. 28379], Castellanos-Galindo et al. 2006:254 [ref. 28944], Fourriére et al. 2016:454 [ref. 34668], Del Moral-Flores et al. 2016:606 [ref. 34923]). Current status: Valid as Diaphus pacificus Parr 1931. Myctophidae: Diaphinae. Distribution: Central Pacific: Johnston Atoll; south to 6°N, 140°W; eastern Pacific: southern tip of Baja California (Mexico) south to Peru, including Gulf of California (Mexico) Habitat: marine.

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