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cheesemanii, Tetrodon Clarke [F. E.] 1897:248 [Transactions of the New Zealand Institute v. 29 (art. 16) (for 1896); ref. 14630] Motouroa, Taranaki, New Zealand. Neotype: NMNZ P.18876. Original genus should have been spelled Tetraodon. Neotype designated by Matsuura & Satoh 2016:[4] [ref. 34732]. •Valid as Sphoeroides cheesemanii (Clarke 1897) -- (Paulin et al. 1989:245 [ref. 24556] as cheesemani). •Valid as Lagocephalus cheesemanii (Clarke 1897) -- (Hoese et al. 2006:1921 [ref. 29099], Stewart & Roberts 2015:1736 [ref. 34322], Matsuura & Satoh 2016:[1] [ref. 34732], Motomura et al. 2017:237 [ref. 35490], Kim et al. 2020:203 [ref. 39118], Psomadakis et al. 2020:621 [ref. 37272], Sonoyama et al. 2020:131 [ref. 37637]). Current status: Valid as Lagocephalus cheesemanii (Clarke 1897). Tetraodontidae. Distribution: Eastern Indian Ocean, western Pacific: Myanmar and Andaman Sea east to Indonesia, Korea, China, Vietnam, Philippines, north to central Japan, south to eastern Australia and New Zealand region. Habitat: marine.

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