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percoides, Sebastes Richardson [J.] & Solander [D. C.] in Richardson 1842:384 [Annals and Magazine of Natural History (New Series) v. 9 (no. 59) (art. 42); ref. 21247] Off Cape Kidnapper and at Motuaro, Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand. No types known. Based on description from drawing by Richardson and quoted description by Solander; authorship suggested here is Richardson & Solander. Main heading is Sebastes percoides, with Scorpaena percoides on p. 385. It is expected that there are undescribed species of Helicolenus in the Australian/New Zealand region. •Valid as Helicolenus percoides (Richardson & Solander 1842) -- (Paxton et al. 1989:442 [ref. 12442], Paulin 1989:319 [ref. 15772], Paulin et al. 1989:168 [ref. 24556], Ishida in Amaoka et al. 1990:233 [ref. 16024], Paulin & Roberts 1992:136 [ref. 24625], Kuiter 1993:120 [ref. 23929], Gomon et al. 1994:481 [ref. 22532], Hutchins 2001:27 [ref. 25847] as cf. percoides, Allen et al. 2006:867 [ref. 29078], Johnson & Motomura 2008:497 [ref. 30648], Struthers & Motomura 2015:1080 [ref. 34284]). Current status: Valid as Helicolenus percoides (Richardson & Solander 1842). Scorpaenidae: Sebastinae. Distribution: Australia and New Zealand region. Habitat: marine.

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