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guineensis, Ophichthys (Sphagebranchus) Osório [B.] 1893:179 [Jornal do Sciências Mathemáticas, Physicas e Naturaes, Lisboa (Ser. 2) v. 3 (no. 11); ref. 20571] Near Dakar, Senegal, 13°50'N, depth 35 meters. Neotype: MNHN B-1635. Neotype designated in Blache et al. 1979:97 [ref. 20632]. Original locality: São Tomé Island, eastern Atlantic. •Synonym of Myrichthys pardalis (Valenciennes 1839) -- (Leiby 1990:186 [ref. 13652]). •Valid as Callechelys guineensis (Osório 1893) -- (McCosker et al. 1989:308 [ref. 13288], Leiby in Smith 1989:892 [ref. 13285], McCosker 1998:198 [ref. 23298], McEachran & Fechhelm 1998:261 [ref. 23897], Schmitter-Soto et al. 2000:149 [ref. 27754], Nelson et al. 2004:62 [ref. 27807], Wirtz et al. 2007:25 [ref. 30263], Page et al. 2013:62 [ref. 32708], McCosker 2016:1662 [ref. 34558], Reiner 2019:66 [ref. 38139]). Current status: Valid as Callechelys guineensis (Osório 1893). Ophichthidae: Ophichthinae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: northeastern Florida (U.S.A.) south to Venezuela, including eastern and southern Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea; eastern Atlantic: Senegal south to Gulf of Guinea, including Cape Verde Islands (Peter Wirtz, pers. comm., Sept. 2021) and São Tomé and Principe. IUCN (2015): Least concern. Habitat: marine.

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