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gymnorhynchus, Kumba Iwamoto [T.] & Sazonov [Yu. I.] 1994:229, Figs. 3-4 [Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences v. 48 (no. 11); ref. 21459] Indian Ocean, West Australian Ridge (Broken Ridge), 30°46'S, 93°20'E, depth 1260-1370 meters. Holotype: CAS 77313 [ex ZMMU P-17765]. Paratypes: ZMMU P-17766 (1). Type catalog: Vasil'eva et al. 2001:61 [ref. 25714]. •Valid as Kumba gymnorhynchus Iwamoto & Sazonov 1994 -- (Iwamoto et al. 2009:48 [ref. 30612], McMillan & Iwamoto 2015:809 [ref. 34263], Iwamoto et al. 2015:79 [ref. 35408]). Current status: Valid as Kumba gymnorhynchus Iwamoto & Sazonov 1994. Macrouridae. Distribution: Southeastern Indian Ocean and western North Pacific: Western Australia and Taiwan. Habitat: marine.

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