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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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radiatus, Lophius Mitchill [S. L.] 1818:326 [American Monthly Magazine and Critical Review v. 2 (no. 5, art. 1); ref. 30214] Straits of Bahamas, Atlantic. No types known. Included in the synonymy of Ogcocephalus cubifrons but as a nomen dubium by Bradbury 1980:258, with additional comments following the synonymy (Bradbury 1980:259 [ref. 6538]). Species is therefore considered a nomen dubium in the genus Ogcocephalus. •Valid as Ogcocephalus radiatus (Mitchill 1818) -- (Robins & Ray 1986:90 [ref. 23100], Robins et al. 1991:82 [ref. 14237], Camargo & Isaac 2001:141 [ref. 27639]). •Nomen dubium in the genus Ogcocephalus -- (Bradbury 1980:258, 259 [ref. 6538], Bradbury 2003:14 [ref. 27309]). Nomen Dubium. Ogcocephalidae. Habitat: marine.

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