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guilinensis, Sinocyclocheilus Ji [C.] in Zhou 1985:379, Fig. 2 [Carsologica Sinica v. 4; ref. 26008] Karst caves, Fei-Fung Mountain, Guangxi Province, China. Lectotype: ASIZB 113753. Paralectotypes: ASIZB, GXIF. Type catalog: Ye et al. 2015:46 [ref. 33808]. First mentioned in two internal reports, regarded as unpublished. Forty + specimens were collected, but types (or number of specimens) actually studied were not mentioned. See second entry for this species. Holotype in Zhu et al. 2011:207 [ref. 31277]. Regarded by Zhao et al. 2021:137 [ref. 39337] as lectotype. •Valid as Sinocyclocheilus guilinensis Ji 1985 -- (Zhao et al. 2011:1550 [ref. 31493], Ma & Zhao 2012:109 [ref. 34891], Lan et al. 2013:163 [ref. 32910] dated 1982 under a different reference, Li & Li 2014:256 [ref. 33240], Li et al. 2014:45 [ref. 33537], Ye et al. 2015:46 [ref. 33808], Chen et al. 2016:7 [ref. 34372], Zhang et al. 2016:100 [ref. 34477], Wu et al. 2018:58 [ref. 35993], Zhao et al. 2021:135 [ref. 39337]). Current status: Valid as Sinocyclocheilus guilinensis Ji 1985. Cyprinidae: Cyprininae. Distribution: Karst caves near Guilin, Guangxi, China. Habitat: freshwater.

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