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anatolica, Oxynemacheilus Erk'akan [F.], Özeren [S. C.] & Nalbant [T. T.] 2008:117, Figs. 4-6 [Journal of Fisheries International [electronic journal] v. 3 (no. 4); ref. 29859] Input of Karamanli Dam Lake, Burdur, southwestern Turkey. Holotype: HUIC-AKD-13. Paratypes: HUIC-AKD (14 specimens). Original genus should have been Oxynoemacheilus. •Valid as Oxynoemacheilus anatolicus Erk'akan, Özeren & Nalbant 2008 -- (Prokofiev 2009:880 [ref. 30604], Golzarianpour et al. 2011:205 [ref. 31693], Freyhof et al. 2012:307 [ref. 31752], Erk'akan 2012:97 [ref. 32281], Kottelat 2012:95 [ref. 32367], Çiçek et al. 2015:148 [ref. 35151], Çiçek et al. 2018:17 [ref. 36267], Çiçek et al. 2020:244 [ref. 37644], Yoğurtçuoğlu et al. 2022:457 [ref. 39236]). Current status: Valid as Oxynoemacheilus anatolicus Erk'akan, Özeren & Nalbant 2008. Nemacheilidae. Distribution: Asia Minor: Burdur River basin and upper Dalaman River basin, Burdur Province (Turkey). Habitat: freshwater.

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