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nigripinnis, Puntius Knight [J. D. M.], Rema Devi [K.], Indra [T. J.] & Arunachalam [M.] 2012:2410, Images 1, 2A, 3 [Journal of Threatened Taxa v. 4 (no. 3); ref. 31841] Kalindhi stream of river Kabini, Wyanad, Kerala, India, ca. 11°47'N, 76°04'E. Holotype: ZSI/SRC F.6628 [MSUMNH 21.ix.2002]. Paratypes: ZSI/SRC F.6578 [MSUMNH 15.ii.1992] (2), ZSI/SRC F.6629 [MSUMNH 21.ix.2002] (3). •Valid as Pethia nigripinna (Knight, Rema Devi, Indra & Arunachalam 2012) -- ( Lalramliana et al. 2014:373 [ref. 33389], Katwate et al. 2014:5814 [ref. 33390], Katwate et al. 2014:242 [ref. 33433], Batuwita et al. 2015:580 [ref. 33714], Atkore et al. 2015:295 [ref. 33789], Katwate et al. 2018:541 [ref. 35979]). •Valid as Pethia nigripinnis (Knight, Rema Devi, Indra & Arunachalam 2012) -- (Pethiyagoda et al. 2012:81 [ref. 32071], Bleher 2018:674 [ref. 36647] as nigripinna). Current status: Valid as Pethia nigripinnis (Knight, Rema Devi, Indra & Arunachalam 2012). Cyprinidae: Smiliogastrinae. Distribution: Southern Western Ghats, Peninsular India. Habitat: freshwater.

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