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hypselogeneion, Tetraodon Bleeker [P.] 1852:24 [Verhandelingen van het Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. v. 24 (art. 10); ref. 16874] Ambon Island, Molucca Islands, Indonesia; Wahai, Ceram, Indonesia. Syntypes: ?AMS B.7269 (1), B.7777-78 (2); BMNH 1867.11.28.114 (1); ?NMV 46655 (1); RMNH 7312 (now 21). Also appeared in Bleeker 1852:300 [ref. 16825] -- earliest not established, but ref. 16874 was written in March 1852 and 16825 in April. Hardy 1983:67 [ref. 5342] assumed that 16874 was published one month earlier (with 3 syntypes), but that is probably incorrect since the dates given are not the publication dates (and the Nat. Tijdschr. Ned. Ind. probably was the more rapidly published journal). If the species dates to ref. 16825 then there were 12 syntypes. Of 21 specimens now in RMNH, Hardy did not accept any of them as identifiable as one of the 3 syntypes, and Hardy designated a neotype as USNM 236937 (from a locality not represented in Bleeker's material). Most authors have been able to establish a lectotype from the RMNH collections, and from the Code that would be desirable; Hardy's neotype designation is perhaps invalid (and he should examine the AMS specimens; the RMNH and the AMS specimens, plus the BMNH specimen) as they evidently represent 24 of the 25 that Bleeker eventually accumulated, so the 3 or 12 syntypes must be represented. Nrotype designated by Hardy (USNM 236936) 1983:67, fig. 1 is probably invalid. •Valid as Ostracion hypselogeneion, but genus changed to Torquigener in footnote -- (Dor 1984:283 [ref. 29757]). •Valid as Amblyrhynchotes hypselongeneion (Bleeker 1852) -- (Kyushin et al. 1982:303 [ref. 19754], Matsuura in Masuda et al. 1984:364 [ref. 6441]). •Valid as Torquigener hypselogeneion (Bleeker 1852) -- (Hardy 1983:65 [ref. 5342], Smith & Heemstra 1986:902 [ref. 5714], Hardy 1989:121 [ref. 17672], Mohsin & Ambak 1996:627 [ref. 27969], Matsuura in Randall & Lim 2000:649 [ref. 25122], Nakabo 2000:1426 [ref. 25182], Laboute & Grandperrin 2000:468 [ref. 25191], Ebert 2001:79 [ref. 25494], Matsuura 2001:3957 [ref. 26317], Nakabo 2002:1426 [ref. 26193], Adrim et al. 2004:127 [ref. 27715], Hoese et al. 2006:1927 [ref. 29099], Randall 2007:496 [ref. 30952], Kottelat 2013:480 [ref. 32989], Fricke et al. 2018:389 [ref. 35805], Fricke et al. 2019:335 [ref. 36673]). Current status: Valid as Torquigener hypselogeneion (Bleeker 1852). Tetraodontidae. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: South and East Africa and Madagascar east to Philippines, New Ireland (Papua New Guinea) and Solomon Islands, north to southern Japan, south to northern Australia. Habitat: brackish, marine.